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Last week I had a conversation with college students named Eric, Chase, and Quanson. During our conversation we talked about Wingstop, stocks, architecture, and graphic design. Throughout the conversation, information was shared that you probably would not hear anywhere else. These students learned about Fortune 500 companies and were provided information that can help them succeed in the future. What is amazing is that these students were willing to participate in an exclusive program that lift’s minds like Lamborghini doors.

When was the last time you participated in a conference, seminar, webinar, or workshop? I ask this question because participating in activities and events helps you grow and learn. Continued participation in programs such as Coming of Age allows you to establish a brotherhood with others. You get to learn and receive invaluable gems that can help you in the future. For example, I recently attended a free online seminar hosted by Rowan University that featured Ric Edelman and was able to receive a free signed autographed book. So, what is the big deal? Ric Edelman has been listed as Forbes magazine’s number one wealth advisor and he has personally signed and delivered me information that can help me and my family for generations.

Another example of why it is important to participate in events occurred this week when several Coming of Age students attended Black Enterprise’s Black Men Xcel conference. Attending this conference, allowed students to hear from Black executives and professionals from every industry. Students were able to learn from top people in tech, business, and sports. They were able to hear how to succeed under fire, mentorship to ascend to the C-suite, and pathways to executive leadership in sports.

Attending the Black men Xcel event and hearing what students learned from presenters reminds me of a line rapper Jadakiss once stated, “were all in the same game just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.” In other words, no matter where you are in life there are going to be some barriers you have to overcome. Learning that our experience is similar to so many others that have succeeded provides a simple reminder that greatness is upon us. However, it only can happen when we are willing participants in our advancement. Therefore, commit yourself to participating in an event whether it is in person or virtual because you never know what will be the outcome.


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