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Dr. LaVon Williams is a college administrator, adjunct professor, and founder of The Men of the Tenth Inc.  He created The Men of the Tenth Inc, to “teach the truth to the youth” by using history and hip-hop to educate students on how to achieve their dreams. 


Over the past 19 years, LaVon has encouraged thousands of students to design a plan of action to guide them toward fulfilling their dreams. He also encourages students to become entrepreneurs and leaders within their community by highlighting the success of historical figures throughout the world.  


Besides using historical figures to encourage students, LaVon also tells personal stories about achieving his childhood dream of being a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Lavon uses his Sports Management experience to teach students that “the value of an education is more than transforming students into professionals; it is the platform for transforming young boys and girls into men and women.”   


LaVon has an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from Rowan University and continues to enrich the lives of students by showing them that anything is possible if they believe; because he knows they can achieve.


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