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The great Percy Sutton once said that, “if you could pray for only one thing, let it be for an idea.” You know, I’ve been doing some thinking and I thought about the United Negro College Fund and their motto that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” If you travel like me it is a terrible thing to see so many young minds strung out on drugs looking like Zombies on city streets.

Most of the time this happens because they don’t realize that using your mind is the first step on the road to freedom and prosperity. In other words, all causation is mental.

If you are a person with some kind of inner turmoil you probably have a turbulent life. I am not trying to be a psychiatrist but look at the condition of your home, your car, your health, your relationships. Outer events are simply skin and bones of inner thoughts.

Whatever you experience in life is really the outpicturing of your thoughts up to this point. Change your thoughts and beliefs, and the outer picture must change also. Judge not according to appearances, but according to your mind’s eye. You are in complete control. Your thoughts are in accord with your desires.


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