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Creator and Victim

This week I had a meeting with students to discuss who is in control of their life, dreams, and desires. During the meeting I provided students with an article about the famed Detroit baseball player Ron Leflore.

After reading the article, we discussed Ron’s decision to allow something other than himself to control his life. Then I provided students with a video of former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield discussing his finances with baseball legend Alex Rodriquez. During the discussion, Evander told the story about him paying $20 million in cash for his Georgia mansion.

Following the Holyfield footage, I showed students that rapper, Rick Ross paid $5.8 million for Holyfield’s house and now makes money renting the mansion for parities, videos, and movies like Coming to America 2.

I am sharing this information because these stories clearly explain the difference between a person with a victim mindset and a creator mindset. In other words, if you want to be successful and maintain success, you must create your own narrative by taking control of your destiny.


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