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Hoop Dreams

As a young male, I had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. However, over the years I learned that there is more to life than shooting a basketball in a hoop. Although I was able to awake from my hoop dream, there are many dreamers that still believe they can become pro ballers. For example, I watched a video of a 61 year-old man named Calvin Roberts attempt to play in the NBA. Can you imagine a 61 year-old guarding Russell Westbrook? Granted, it may sound like age bashing but if we are being realistic Calvin doesn't stand a chance. Seriously, if Westbrook’s peers cannot contain him then, how can we expect a 61 year-old to complete such a task?

To often Calvin and countless other athletes declare they want to become professional ballers because it is considered an easy approach for attaining wealth. Unfortunately, such thought is not only sallow but it does not compare to becoming the owner of a sports team (think about Mark Cuban). In particular, most athletes don't realize that their dream of becoming a professional baller reflects a slave mentality​ that encourages the mindset of an employee instead of an owner.

Another reason, athletes need to have more realistic hoop dreams revolves around opportunity. There are approximately 500 positions available for the top basketball players in the world to play in the NBA. Given the limited amount of positions that are available, the chance of making it professionally are infinitesimal. In the United States, you have a much better chance of becoming a millionaire businessman or women, lawyer, or doctor than a professional athlete. With this in mind, why do so many athletes want to become professional players?

For the most part, many hoop dreamers believe becoming a professional athlete is the answer to their problems. In fact, most hoop dreamers do not really love the game of basketball; they view it as the most simplistic and safest way to change their family trajectory. In other words, they think making it to the NBA is the easiest route to financial freedom without taking penitentiary chances. However, atheletes must realize it's wonderful to have hoops dreams but it's even better to establish an educational plan to attain the revenue you want. According to research, becoming a professional athlete is a long-shot and attaining a postsecondary education is the closet thing to a sure-shot for attaining financial freedom.

Admittedly, I once shared the same view as these athletes and had to learn the hard way. When I was in college, I had the opportunity to play against a NBA player and that experience changed my life forever. In particular, the player made me realize that I was not as good as I thought. The offensive performance the player executed on my teammates and I made me realize that it was better to focus on school to establish a career and enjoy life. I share this experience with you because I want hoop dreamers to know that there are other options to becoming a professional in the NBA. I also want athletes to understand that your physical ability can only last but so long and that utilizing your brainpower is a more efficient option for achieving success. If you disagree then please read the book 40 Million Dollar Slaves and watch the documentary Broke for deeper understanding because Jay Z and I have seen hoop dreams deflate like a true fiend's weight and we cant allow you to be the next victim.

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