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God's Plan is Servant Leadership

Recently, I watched Drake's new video God's Plan and it moved me to tears because of its powerful message. It is an excellent video that demonstrates the gift of giving (watch the video above). The video shows Drake buying people cars, offering students scholarships, paying for groceries, and taking people shopping for clothes. As a matter of fact, it is probably the first time a rap video was totally based on servant leadership.

According to Reverend Al Sharpton, servant leadership consist of being selfless, having grace, and advocating on behalf of the weak and the powerless. It is about speaking up and standing out to make change that helps the growth and development of individuals. Typically, a servant leader displays openness, caring, mutuality, listening, coaching, participation, and empowerment. In other words, a servant leader makes sure that other people's highest priority need are being served.

Notably, stories about Jesus Christ clearly present him as a great example of servant leader. In fact, the bible suggests he was not only a servant leader that took time to heal the sick, clean the eyes of the blind, and feed the masses but he also gave his life for others to live. Lets be clear, it is not be expected for any leader to be like Jesus (it is impossible). However, it is possible for you to be people-oriented and make yourself visible and accessible to others. As a result, you will prosper because whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

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