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Triangle Offense

New York Knicks Team President, Phil Jackson is a winner. Over the years, he has won 11 National Basketball Association (NBA) championships, which is the most by any NBA coach. In addition, he has made history by coaching two different teams (the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers) to winning three consecutive championships. Although Phil Jackson is known for winning, he and his longtime Assistant Coach, Tex Winters are also recognized for implementing an offensive strategy known as the triangle offense.

The triangle offense is a system that requires at least three players to form an invisible triangle on the basketball court to provide players with more space to score. Even though the triangle offense is considered a basketball strategy, you can also use this concept in your everyday life to create space for you to achieve success. In order to form your own personal triangle offense, you must follow these three principles:

Principle 1: Turn Up/Out. If you do not show up and participate in activities and events, how are you going to win? In order to be successful, you have to be involved. Lao Tzu said it best, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Therefore, participate and give your all in everything you do.

Principle 2: Commit. You must be committed to developing and educating yourself in if you want to achieve success. Committing yourself allows you to hold yourself accountable to what you learn and increases self-confidence because despite any setbacks that occur you are dedicated to moving forward.

Principle 3: Apply. Once you apply what you have learned from being committed to achieving success, your commitment, execution, and presence demonstrate the essence of successful behavior. Collectively, these principles shape your triangle into an offensive power that makes you standout. This invisible triangle allows you to excel in your endeavors because each point can create a hole in obstacles preventing your success. In other words, creating a triangle offense not only give you the fortitude to breakthrough obstacles but also strengthens your ability to score at will in the game of life.

Therefore, I challenge you to use these three principles and form your triangle offense to become an unstoppable person in this world.


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