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Recently, I read an article from Marketwatch titled, People are Paying up to $10,000 for Plastic Surgery to Look Good in Yoga Pants. Despite the interesting title, it is even more interesting that the article highlights that women are putting their lives at risk for liposuction procedures. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, from 2017-2018 there has been a 12% spike in liposuction. They also reported that women are paying on average $5000 to 10,000 for a Brazilian butt lift (which involves transplanting fat from one part of the body to another).

Why are women doing this? Why has over 200,000 teens had plastic surgery within the last year? Moreover, why are women so unhappy with their bodies? Do women think plastic surgery will help them attract a spouse? Well, the answer is simple; plastic surgery is not the answer. For those that are confused by the answer, plastic surgery does not help you look beautiful. What makes you beautiful is how you carry yourself. In other words, it is your character, not your look. Your look is something that fades your character does not.

As a person that interacts with thousands of people, I have witnessed numerous women transform their bodies for the worst reasons. For example, I once had a 19-year-old student discuss how she had butt surgery to work as a stripper (hearing this young woman make such a decision really bothered me). I guess the dad in me wonders what would make a young woman feel the need to have herself cut open and have plastic inserted into her body to feel attractive or worthy. Moreover, does she really think that is what a man (real man) is truly going to love about her? Well, here are three reasons why she and others like her are wrong.

First, the great trio group Bell Biv DeVoe (BBD) already taught generations to “never trust a big butt and a smile.” In other words, having a big butt will never make you a wife or have a man take you seriously. For instance, when a woman twerks on “the gram” with a fake butt the man watching doesn’t say, “I want to marry this girl” he says, “I want to smash this girl.” Simply put, his mind already labels her a Thottiana.

Second, having a nice butt will never keep a man. Case and point, Beyonce is the “Queen of Twerking” and Jay-Z still stepped out on her. Women such as Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Cardi B, and countless others with riches, beauty, and nice butts still cannot keep a man because a (real or fake) butt does not better a relationship; communication, listening, and understanding does.

Finally, women should leave this fake butt trend alone because of the problems it attracts. As I stated earlier, besides the health risk, it can attract the wrong type of attention. There are a lot of crazy people in this world and we hear of too many women being kidnapped, raped, and held hostage because some imbecile wants a woman with big booty.

Personally, I wrote this because I have a daughter and I never want her to feel she needs enhancements to how GOD created her. To put it differently, I want every woman to never lust for things in this world because they will pass away.

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