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Why is Conducting a Self-Assessment Important?

How often do you conduct a self-assessment? Conducting a self-assessment consists of creating an accurate and current self-portrait to find your strengths and weaknesses. It is a process that requires you to spend time thinking and creating a plan for personal development. When you conduct a self-assessment you should think deeply to figure out the benefits for advancing your growth.

As a person that is constantly thinking, I am always looking for ways to enhance my skills. For instance, I am always trying to improve my vocabulary, writing, and overall knowledge on various subjects such as parenting, styling, and cooking. Majority of the time, I am either reading or attending an event to familiarize myself on a subject that has my interest. Because I am always trying to develop, I usually assess myself by seeing how well I am able to connect with others by using the information that I have retrieved.

In other words, after conducting a self-assessment I learned that I am a maven. A maven is a person that is an information seeker and enjoys sharing facts with others. Simply put, conducting a self-assessment helped me identify my strength as a lifelong learner and motivated me to create a non-profit organization to share positive information to working professional and students throughout the world. In essence, it is always wise to conduct a self-assessment because as long as you think deep and be honest with yourself; you can use your findings to create a strong future.

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