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Stay Out of the Red

In the field of business executives and accountants use the phrase “in the red” to describe when a company is losing profit. Business leaders use this term to not only identify that they are losing profit but also to suggest immediate action must occur to protect their company’s fate.

By definition, the word/color red is both an adjective and a noun. As an adjective, red is used to identify the color of blood or a person’s face flushed with emotion. As a noun, it describes something red in color. For instance, rap superstar, Cardi B loves wearing red bottom shoes. Besides how red is used in the English language, it also represents energy, action, desire, and passion, which is stimulating to the minds of people. In other words, red is attention getting, assertive, and aggressive. Personally, I believe red is stimulating to humans because it reminds people of blood. At the same time, it is interpreted as a warning sign for danger.

From an academic perspective, there are too many students that see or live in the red. These students do not have the energy, action, desire, and passion to succeed. They maneuver through life without a plan. They have dreams and aspirations but do not apply themselves to fulfill them. Majority of the time, they do not succeed because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They are either scared to achieve or believe they cant.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), when Black and Hispanics do not succeed academically, they live a life not only “in the red” but also as workers instead of owners. The report points out that Blacks and Hispanics 25 years old and over earn the lowest salaries because they have the lowest educational attainment. In particular, it highlights that 30 percent of Blacks and 20 percent of Hispanics attain a bachelors degree or higher. Because Blacks and Hispanics do not have high educational attainment rates, they are usually relegated to service and sales positions.

On the other hand, the BLS reports Asians have the highest bachelor degree attainment rate and the highest percentage of people that work in management, professional, and related occupations. As a result, they earn the highest salaries in the United States. Given these points, it is easy to see why people praise and support graduating from college. To put it another way, the report clarifies why education is the best tool to stay out of the red and transition into “being in the Black.”

What does being in the Black mean? In business being in the Black is a great thing. It is the opposite of being in the red. It is a phrase used to describe a profit. For example, the day after thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” because historically most companies earn enough profit to see their financial statements increase from red to Black. Consequently, “Black is beautiful” and being in it is the best experience you can have. However, to be in the Black you must be good at adding and subtracting. Therefore, I challenge you to follow the Success Balance Sheet that was created to keep you out of the red and experience a profitable extraordinary life.

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