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The Blueprint for Getting Out of the Hood

When I walk down certain streets in New Jersey and New York I see things that really bother me. I see loud parents cursing at their children. I see teenagers acting out for attention. I see homeless people laying in the street while others ask for spare change. Moreover, I see stores that have gone out of business. Viewing such despair is not only depressing but also frustrating because it represents America’s well-known societal problem called poverty.

Poverty is the primary reason so many individuals are unable to improve or remove themselves from unpleasant circumstances. According to research, people are unable to improve their circumstances because they have negative psychographics toward education. Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria. In other words, individuals with negative attitudes usually have psychographics that are selfish and resistant to positive change. For example, in most neighborhoods students that do not believe in education will not be able to attain upward mobility because they either ignore or resist the opportunity to uplift themselves and their community.

Given that a huge amount of students have a negative attitude towards education, there is a simply solution to help them overcome their despair, depression, and frustration in order to excel in life. If an individual want to excel, all he has to do is read. Reading is the passport to building a strong educated person able to elevate him or herself out of unpleasant or unfortunate circumstances. Reading also builds confidence and competence. It is not only powerful but also an opportunity provider. Simply put, the more an individual reads the more he or she will know and grow. With that said, the more you read the more you will be inspired to leave the hood because you will know that there is so much more the world can offer besides corner stores, criminals, drug addicts, hoop dreamers, rappers, and projects.

All things considered, if you want to leave the hood you must continuously learn and apply what you learn to your advantage. Once you understand and execute this behavior your ability to get out of poverty will not only begin but unlimited opportunities will emerge. Therefore, if you want to uplift yourself from your current circumstances I recommend you start reading the following books:

Dreams of my Father by Barack Obama

The Peebles Principles by Donahue Peebles

Discover Your CEO Brand by Suzanne Bates

The Real-Life MBA by Jack & Suzy Welch

After reading these books you will have learned how to evaluate yourself, follow a plan, tell your story, and win in the game of life.

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