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What Can We Do To Prevent An Educational Institution (Factory) From Failing Us

Back in the day there were plenty of factories that had an effect on America’s economy. Today, many of those factories are either gone or in another country. However, one factory that remains is our higher education system. Often time’s our higher education system is not viewed as a factory; but it is. It is a place that is supposed to produce men and women of thought. It is a place that is supposed to produce future leaders and change agents. Although this may be true, in recent years the only harvest that higher education institutions have produced is debt. Instead of transforming students’ lives by developing their intelligence these institutions are producing indentured servants. Given that many higher education advocates would probably disagree with my previous statement I suggest they review reports done by the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University. There you will find an enormous amount of information that supports my statement.

According to the center’s Hard Times report, “not all college degrees are created equal.” In other words, the success of students pursuing higher education seems to prosper more at elite colleges and universities. As a matter of fact, one scholar suggested students that pursue higher education to attain upward mobility are often relegated to unfulfilled progression. That is to say, many students that graduate from college question if their academic experience and their attainment of debt was worth it.

Given that I am an advocate of education, it is my duty to encourage others to pursue learning inside and outside of the classroom. However, I believe learning is an everyday activity that emerges when an individual pays attention to the operations of an environment. With this in mind, I think our best learning occurs when we learn the “codes of the streets” or the “laws of the land”. By learning such codes or laws we learn how to maneuver to attain our goals by using wisdom, information, and determination.

Currently, the climate in America suggests that educational factories are producing followers instead of free thinkers and creators. It seems like colleges have become factories that produce dependency instead of independence. Therefore, when you enroll in college make sure you get your monies worth by participating in everything (regardless if you don't think you like what’s offered). Seriously, you need to participate in as many activities, clubs, and events as possible to add value to your degree. By participating in activities, clubs, and events you will not only be able to create a strong network but you will also have plenty of experiences to add to your resume.

Having a strong network is important because we live in a society that suggest your network will determine your net worth. That is to say, the more people you know, the better your chances to earn a significant income. At the same time, the more you participate in activities, clubs, and events the more experiences you have to place on your resume. For example, when I was in college I hosted a radio show and a television show while working as a resident assistant and a telecounselor. Having all of these responsibilities not only gave me the opportunity to make connections with a diverse group of people but it also provided me with experience to work in these fields.

Therefore, if you are going to be a participate in one of America’s oldest factories just remember to participate in as much as possible because the more you put into what you do, the more you will get out of it. In short, colleges and universities are not the producers of success; you are.

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