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In 1982, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five promoted a message for the world to follow. They created this message to encourage people to be levelheaded despite their circumstances. In particular, they described that life, “it’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under”. Equally important, they exposed societal traps

and offered suggestions on how to stay balanced. In spite of the suggestions, many

members of our society seem to have missed their message. Over the years, there has been an increase in violence, that has compromised human decency. For instance, if you have been paying attention to current events, it seems like mankind has totally lost the ability to be civilized. However, I believe the real problem is that society has lost hope. We have lost hope because more hate groups are emerging, their has been an increase in school shootings, and far to many terrorist are executing their plans. Consequently, our young people have nothing to do and participate in devious acts such as playing the knockout game, bonk, and the bath salt challenge to entertain themselves.

Generally speaking, America's climate is extremely low because we have experienced culture shock. We are no longer in a country that believes in unity. We now live in an America where people are extremely sensitive and constantly fighting to get their way. By and large, this societal change has emerged because of scarce resources and advanced technology. Computers have begun to replace people in the workforce which effects the wherewithal for humans to succeed. To put it differently, we are now in a time where Maslow's hierchy of needs must be fulfilled or chaos will ensue.

As the founder of The Men of the Tenth Inc., my primary goal is to teach students and professionals how to stay levelheaded by providing information that will enrich their lives for the future. We provide programs that teach people how to create an action plan and stay focused on their desired outcome. We teach individuals to embrace their failures and transform them into successful accomplishments. In short, we encourage people to embrace hate because it is only confused admiration. In other words, our programs

acknowledge that hate and haters will never go away so, it is better to never let negative

circumstances upset you. As a matter of fact, we believe such moments provide the best opportunities for learning.

Giving these points, research on successful CEOs highlights that they learn from failure in

order achieve their goals. They learn to turn a negative into a positive to get a perfect

picture of their progress. In other words, they control their emotions to succeed. With this in mind, if you want to achieve similar success you must follow successful CEOs by reading

and studying their organization. You must stay motivated during troubling times and get busy with the information and opportunities you find to create and establish growth. In the end, maintaining a positive attitude and appreciating every experience that occurs is extremely important because every event or situation that happens is a part of your success story.

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