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A Billionaire's Secret

According to research, having a plan is the primary reason why highly successful people achieve their accomplishments. In particular, having a plan is why billionaire dealmaker Reginald Lewis was not only successful financially but also able to be groundbreaking. During his time at Virginia State University, Mr. Lewis had an epiphany on how he was going to change his academic performance and get admitted into to Harvard Law School. Mr. Lewis created a detailed plan that included a weekly schedule to follow. (View Above Photo) In addition to creating a schedule, he wrote a personal affirmation reminding him why and how he had to execute his plan. On his schedule he wrote, “To be a great lawyer one must study hard.” Mr. Lewis’ track record shows that not only did he follow his plan and study hard but he also left the blueprint for others to follow by coming the first Black American to build a billion dollar business.

In spite of Mr. Lewis' ability to create a leak-proof self-management system, it is often challenging for other individuals to create and commit to such a schedule. For some reason, most people think they can remember everything they need to do. However, if that is the case, then they probably are not doing very much. Because creating a system is often difficult for many people to design, The Men of the Tenth Inc. has created a success plan worksheet to assist individuals with a plan to follow. (Worksheet Here) After completing the attached worksheet we suggest you post it on your bedroom wall, refrigerator, desk, bathroom mirror, or in your phone. Regardless of where it's placed, it should serve as a reminder of what you need to execute in order to achieve your goals.

In conclusion, having a plan means little if you do not have the discipline and the commitment to complete it. With this in mind, make it a habit to say no to unscheduled and low-priority items that are not connected to your goals.

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