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Cardi B (Responsible)

Reality star turned rapper, Cardi B was in the news for having the number one song in the country. Her Bodak Yellow single is not only a hit record but also causing females to have unusual reactions (see here). The Bronx native has been working extremely hard by performing everywhere to promote her record and excite her fans. In fact, Cardi’s success is a result from her sweat equity. Her success exemplifies why it is important to be determined, persistent, and true to yourself. As a matter of fact, her courage to remain true to herself is an inspiration for others to follow. Cardi is so assured of herself that she even commented that she “dropped two mixtapes in six months” and questioned others work ethics when she asked “what b**ch working as hard as me?”

Although Cardi is successful, I am worried that students especially females (including my daughter) will view her behavior and how she achieved success as the new blueprint to follow. For example, Cardi B is also the same woman who stated she “had to suck d**k to pay the rent”. Being that we should be extremely in support of individuals finding a way to become successful; it is also important that we are mindful and identify the personal cost it takes to become successful and the harm that is often required to achieve it. To put it differently, success is get but it should never require someone to lose their integrity to attain it.

With that said, I do not think Cardi B is a bad person or should be perceived as one. I just want to remind individuals to be cognizant that her success can have a negative impact on our youth. Moreover, I want us (especially her) to be mindful that society loves to create rags to rich stories to eventually break them down. As a result, it is imperative that we are conscious of the possibility of this happening to her if she does not have a growth mindset.

In short, I want to say congratulations to Cardi B and remind her that the most successful Hip-Hop artist are the individuals that promote consciousness instead of raunchiness. Therefore, please make it your business to maintain success by uplifting others in a positive way.

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