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Snyder Wings

Have you ever had to bring food to a party, work event, or family function? Sometimes deciding what to bring can be strenuous because you want to provide something that taste great and is enjoyable for everyone. However, with so many options and never enough time to cook, you need something that can be easily made or picked up quickly. Over the years, when I bring food to an event it is from a Chinese restaurant on Snyder and Utica Avenue in Brooklyn that is known for its amazing Soy Sauce wings (better known as Snyder wings). Besides these wings being delicious and a big hit at gatherings, the restaurant’s service is so efficient that you are able to receive your order within minutes.

Generally speaking, receiving efficient quality service like I did from the Snyder wings restaurant is a rarity. In fact, it has become such a rare experience that when you do receive quality service; it's shocking. However, whenever I experience great service I think about the book Raving Fans. Raving Fans is a parable style book written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles about the essentials for delivering excellent customer service. The book teaches readers how to define a vision, learn what a customer really wants, how to institute an effective system, and make a raving fan service constant instead of just another program of the month. According to the authors, a simply technique for creating raving fans is to deliver plus one. In other words, a business should constantly make sure it is delivering what customers want in a manner that goes beyond what this expected. These authors suggest when a business provides consistent service it will create credibility that establishes the business as a reliable source that wins over customers. For example, if you read comments on websites such as Yelp, you can clearly see that the Snyder wings restaurant owners know what customers want. The owners of this restaurant know what they are good at, what customers want, and they make sure customers receive their food in a timely fashion. To simply put it, they understand the importance of paying attention to customers needs.

All things considered, the ability to pay attention to customers needs is not only important for creating raving fans but also a great skill for leaders to posses. From a leadership perspective, most business leaders seem to lack the ability to connect with their staff and clients because they do not pay enough attention to their needs. Often times leaders do not understand or take the time to find out what their employees, clients, or partners need to succeed. They are unaware that as a leader they have a primary duty to learn constituents likes and dislikes in order to create raving fans. In essence, when leaders pay attention they are able to provide service that grows their fanbase and advances their skill.

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