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On Point

In 1991, two members of the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest, asked each other "[are] you point". (see here) Although these entertainers asked each other this question, it is an important question that pertains to conducting a self-assessment. In essence, asking yourself if you are on point represents an inquiry to uncover your level of consciousness about your ability to progress toward achieving your goals.

Generally speaking, the term "on point" is often used in basketball to refer to the floor general on the court. The phrase identifies the person leading a team. In other words, being on point consists of a person calling out plays and igniting an offense. As an illustration, when someone is on point they perform and resemble the role of legendary point guards such as Kyrie Irving, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook, and John Stockton. In football, quarterbacks such as Brett Favre, Cam Newton, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Troy Aikman, and Russell Wilson exemplify an individual's ability to be on point.

Another aspect about being on point relates to security. In other words, being on point is about being attentive. It is about staying sharp regardless of your surroundings. As individuals, we have a responsibility to be on point by continuing to learn, apply, and evaluate our progressOften times, we overlook these three simple steps and stunt our growth. We get comfortable in a position and convince ourselves that everything is awesome. We are become cocky and start thinking we have all the answers. To put it differently, we stop learning. We become overly confident and stop seeking new information. However, we must never stop learning because the world is to big and full with more information than we could ever attain.

As a result, I challenge you to constantly ask yourself if you are "on point". It is also my hope that you share the same unforgettable answer as A Tribe Called Quest which is "all the time".

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