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Know Your Purpose

Having a purpose in life is extremely important because it provides us with a reason for achieving our goals and reaching our fullest potential. According to rapper/actor Common, his purpose for writing music is to provide for his daughter. As a Grammy winning artist, he constantly creates timeless music with powerful messages for his daughter to remember, recite, and share with others. Despite Common sharing wisdom to his daughter through music, he also provides for her financial. In the same way Common is striving to succeed in his endeavors to support his child, we should all be doing the same. For example, we must continually learn in order it our purpose should to develop and pour knowledge into our children so they can achieve success in half of the time it takes us. As a matter of fact, that is the reason I waited until I was 35 years old before deciding to have a family because I wanted to enjoy my life as a young professional and have the ability to establish myself financially. In other words, I followed the wisdom of the Bible that states individuals should, “Be fruitful and multiple”. As a believer in planned parenting, I made sure I was able to see and understand what the world had to offer before placing children into it.

Although this concept of being fruitful and multiplying is insightful to individuals who are sure or unsure of how to maneuver through life, the message from the Bible not only provides you with a purpose but also identifies why you need to succeed. To put it another way, it identifies that your purpose for living is to live for something to hand down to a son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter so that they may have life a little easier than their fathers before them.

All things considered, your purpose in life is to uplift your family name. It is your obligation to go out in the world and make a name for yourself, your children, and grandchildren. Your mission is to establish yourself and your family name like the Rockefellers, Kennedys, Clintons, Bushes, Jacksons, Kings, Obamas, and Walmarts by remembering that “he who has a why to live for can endure almost anyhow”.

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